Yes, finally our unique fresh underground project is a fact!! Adventures Of Lunacy started out as an eperimental instrumental hip-hop mix, sampling rare and ‘weird’ stuff from strange movies and unknown records. MacaB did an absolutely amazing job writing lyrics to them and spit them incredibely fresh! 2 x 10 MINUTES OF DOPENESS!!!!

Production: Mastamove, mastering: The 11th Anomaly.



Perhaps not appealing to everyone, but this is how the graphics for Adventures Of Lunacy began and eventually evolved into a 3D diorama. The photo was taken by me in Berlin (Kreuzberg) around 2015. MacaB and I collaborated on creating a cover for Adventures Of Lunacy, a two-part underground hip-hop adventure titled Deep Ponds 1 and 2, which is now available on all platforms for streaming.

I noticed that the German Siku had produced a VW bus similar to the one in the photo—an LT28 (scale 1:55 in 1984) – have the one with the caravan in grey too. I purchased a worn-out one, but after painting it white, adding extra fog lamps, and mounting different wheels, it looked cool! However, my creative drive didn’t stop there; I wanted to include the bridge as well. Using Photoshop, I designed a template, printed it, and folded it to resemble the bridge in the picture. Additionally, I had some miniature trees, sand, grass, and materials left over from previous modeling projects, which I incorporated into the diorama.

Throughout the process, I documented my progress through time-lapse videos and set them to the instrumental of DEEP PONDS 1 and a part of the vocal version of DEEP PONDS 2.

The entire journey, from creating the beats, graphics, lyrics, raps (MacaB) and mastering (thanks to The 11th Anomaly), to building the bus and the bridge, took about a year and a half.

What’s next for me? Perhaps I’ll work on a real bus replica or visit the location where I took the photo to turn it into the Macnificent Mastaplace—just a dope idea!


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